Elementary School

I spent this morning in an elementary school library, looking through k-1 picture books on holidays and folk tales. My assignment has something to do with the Framework and such, so I spent a couple hours looking over the section and writing down books. I think I’ll have to go back and talk to the librarian next time. I need at least one more trip. I loved the library itself. It used to be an auditorium, so there is a little stage where the K-1 books live. I think that makes a nice introduction to a library for the littler kids.

It made me a little nostalgic for elementary school. I loved my library back then, even if it wasn’t all that warm and inviting. I remember happily wandering the stacks (which were probably only 4 ft high, but when you’re only 3ft tall, that’s impressive). I remember that I loved the Monster Movie book series that had all these old black and white pictures of the movie monsters. There was a Phantom of the Opera one, a Werewolf one, and I think a Dracula one. I think I miss elementary school. Things were simpler then.

Never mind that “I Wish I Could Go Back To College” from Avenue Q has been stuck in my head for days:  http://youtu.be/BMJ9D3lSrDg


Oh, and I stumbled across this on Facebook:

YA novels

I agree whole-heartedly. I love YA novels; I think some of the best novels out there are YA.

There’s something interesting about nostalgia… it was never really as good as we remember it. Really. Try to pick up an old favorite book and analyze it from your point of view of today. I re-read Wrinkle in Time for my Children’s Lit class. I know I loved that book when I was a kid. I still love it, but I noticed all the religious undertones this time around. I think that if this was my first read though it, that would have bothered me. Or I read Winnie The Pooh for the first time recently. It was cute, and I think I would have loved it as a kid, but I don’t know for sure. Meanwhile, I had classmates who read it and got that nostalgia. Is the book really that good? When we did a Mock Caldecott, the newer books didn’t fare as well as old favorites. Is Where The Wild Things Are really better illustrated that Flotsam or Wolves? I don’t think so, but the classic won my class’ majority vote.

That being said, I’m sure I’ll look back on grad school with nostalgia one day, but for now, I’m just looking forward to sleeping in on Friday.



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