Why I Created a Blog

That is a very good question.

I want to document what it is like to be a library student, and eventually, what it’s like to be a librarian.

I’m enrolled at Simmons College GSLIS, in the SLTP. Translation: Graduate School of Library and Information Science, in the School Library Teacher Program. This means that in a 12-class program for a Masters degree, that 11 of my classes are required classes. This also means that I spend an inordinate amount of time in schools that are not mine.

This is my first semester at Simmons. It’s a little more than halfway done.

So far, I spend 9 hours a week in class, 4 hours a week volunteering at a local high school library (quite possibly one of the coolest volunteer gigs ever), and innumerable hours staring at my computer screen trying to make the words on the page of the book go through my brain, to my fingers, and out onto my screen in some sort of semblance of logic.

My classes this fall term are Children’s Literature, Curriculum, and Reference. I never realized there were so many databases out there! And I feel sorry for teachers now too, because those Framework books are complex.

Well, that’s why I created a blog.


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