Job applications and kids’ books

I’ve never had much trouble finding jobs, until now. I know that my schedule is limited with school (classes and homework time) plus my volunteer gig, but I never thought that it would be hard to find some part time job. I don’t ask much, maybe 20 hours a week, or less is fine. I would just like to be bringing home a paycheck, especially with holidays coming. My “heterosexual life mate,” as Jay from the Kevin Smith movies would say, wants a New England Patriots shadow jersey, and that’s $120. I figure I can handle that, since that is all he wants. I have a few other friends and family to buy things for as well. Personally, I want tickets to see Les Mis when it comes to Boston in March, but I don’t think that is going to happen. They are well out of comfortable price range for anyone I know.

Anyway, I have applied to a few jobs. Some are basic retail, seasonal positions. I have some retail experience already. Some are pre-professional jobs though Simmons’ job board. I don’t always apply for jobs I’m fully qualified for. For example, one requests knowledge of Dreamweaver for website maintenance. I don’t know Dreamweaver at all, but I am very much willing to learn. One that I applied for today sounds perfect for me. It is digitizing archival information. I used to work for ILLIAD, scanning articles for students who lived off campus. I loved that job. If I had gone to Drexel instead of Simmons, I would probably still have that job, or a variation thereof.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one. Though the one that asks for Dreamweaver also stated that being a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a plus, and I really am!

In other news, I’m reading Captain Underpants for my Children’s Lit class. I’m not sure that I understand why kids like it. I know that I read some strange stuff as a kid, but spelling errors always bother(ed) me. I don’t like when kids’ books intentionally misspell words just because that is how a kid would spell it. Baby-Sitters’ Club was similar; they always had “journal” entries. However, when a word was “intentionally” misspelled, it was usually “crossed out” and “fixed.” Excuse the quotes, please. I also think that in BSC, they did not misspell nearly as frequently as Captain Underpants is. It is barely legible for me. I know I’m not the best speller myself, but that is why I use spell check and I proof read. I don’t think that it is OK to write improperly on purpose. Kids need to learn to spell and print materials need to be written properly. That’s my rant for today.

I have a ton of work to get done by Thursday for Children’s Lit and Curriculum, but such is this program! I think I can get it all done comfortably. Then this weekend I need to work on my Children’s Lit journal that I’m a wee bit behind on. Once I crack down and do it, I should be OK. I just need to set aside a lump of time. Yeah, Friday and this weekend seem like a good time for that to happen. After all, the semester is almost over.

Stumbled upon this today and thought I would share, because, after all, comics are awesome:

Early WWW


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