Today was simply not my day

I know I’d like this blog to be positive and all gung-ho about my passions and how awesome it is that I’m working to become a librarian.

But even I have rough days.


*cue selfish, whiny post*

I over-slept. This means that I was unable to shower this morning. This also means breakfast was one of those Carnation packets mixed with milk. They’re OK in a pinch, which is why I have them. I also have them because I’ve been having trouble swallowing my multivitamin in the morning. I think I need smaller ones or something easier to take.

That was a frustrating start.

I got to school OK, got to class. Now, we have those stupid chair-attached-to-desk things. As a plus-size girl, an inch makes a difference. There are a few chairs that are smaller than others and I honestly cannot comfortably sit in them. Today, I found one of those chairs, which means I had to move to a different one. This was a little embarrassing, but I dealt with it. Then I had to print something before class. My image didn’t load, so that was annoying.

Class was OK. I liked the mini-discussions.

Class ended a little early so that the SLTP folks, all five of us, could meet and talk with the professor about our “extra” project. Our extra project in this class is to take a Framework from Grade 1 (folktales), go to an approved elementary school library, and create an annotated bibliography. Two of my fellow students are almost done. I’m maybe 25% in. My other two classmates have somewhat started as well. I feel like a slacker, honestly.

Lunch was good, but I’ve learned that I’m our of dining points. Well, that answers my question as to how much I have left. None. Wonderful.

My Curriculum class is always hard. I saw my lowest grade so far: a 76/100. Yes, the professor is going to let me re-work it, but it means I now I have something else to work on over Thanksgiving break. Nevermind that it’s a pair project, so I feel like I’ve hurt my working partner.

At least now I’m home, curled up under a blanket, and I can relax for a while. I have nowhere to be tomorrow, so I can start/keep working on school things. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. For now, sulking, knitting, and Big Bang Theory.



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