Thanksgiving is coming

Tomorrow I get to spend a few more hours at an elementary school for my children’s lit class. The assignment is a collection development assignment, so it’s analysis and curriculum support too. I love the library I get to use for this assignment. It’s wonderful. The assignment is complex though, mostly a massive annotated bibliography.

Today, my SLTP buddy (wonderful geeky girl who’s in all three of my classes and we share a birthday) told me she decided to drop the SLTP program. This means that we won’t have any of the same classes next term, since mine are all requirements for SLTP and she’ll be moving into the general track.This makes me sad, but it’s for the best for her. The work load is pretty intense and she’s realized that she hates Curriculum Planning type work. Since she originally wanted to be a high school librarian, that’s mostly a curriculum support position. Meanwhile, if she stays in the general track, goes into public libraries, she can be a youth services librarian and do more reference, research, and reader’s advisory. She’ll be happier that way.

I’m still plugging along.

I have a bunch of work to get done over Thankgiving break. I’m not travelling to visit family (for a multitude of reasons, actually: 1) travelling the day before and day after Thanksgiving would suck; 2) I can’t stay longer, since I have cats and can’t leave them alone for that long, plus they love turkey; 3) I have a ton of homework to do over break.) Luckily, my dad and his lady-friend will be coming up for dinner on an upcoming Sunday instead.

Oh, and something fun:

One of the coolest bookcarts ever


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