To Do Lists and Not Doing Them

I woke up at 8:30, got breakfast, and carried my laptop (Vera) downstairs to my desk. My current background on my computer is my To Do List. I have things due starting on Thursday, but clearly, I need to get them done sooner.

I’ve spent the past hour playing online, actually found an old friend on Facebook. While that’s fine to get my brain going (it takes me a while to really wake up), I’m still stressed at that wasted hour. I’m sure I’ll be OK. Yes, I have a lot of work to get done, but the DOING IT part is always the stressful bits. Oh, and the waiting on grades. I submitted an assignment to a class on Nov 2nd, which was due on the 3rd. Today is the 28th. I do not yet have a grade for that assignment. I have a grade for an assignment in the same class that was submitted after that. I have sympathy for professors, I really do. My dad is an English professor and I’ve seen him spend entire weekends grading papers and exams. Plus, those exams were often in blue books, and therefore handwritten. I’ve seen some of the handwriting there. I always tried my best in college to be as legible as possible BECAUSE of some of the horrid handwriting I remember seeing as a child (and yes, my handwriting is awful, but I try to be legible). Back to what I was saying: two weeks to grade an assignment just creates un-needed stress on a student. I submit homework on time. I keep track of my grades. I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t think that expecting grades back in a timely manner is too much to ask. Submitting a homework assignment means that I completed my half of the student-teacher contract. Grading it is my professor’s half.

I’ll admit, I feel a little better after complaining here. It doesn’t change anything, sure, but dealing with professors like this is a learning experience. It teaches me that when I have any assignment to grade in the future, to get them done, even at the expense of my own weekend.

And check this out:

Spiffy, isn’t it?


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