Productivity Feels Like…

Today was both productive and not. I went over to Austin Girl in Boston’s place ( to get work done, because she knows the secret to getting work done: getting work done with other people! We just did our own work and I know I was productive. My Reference SLTP paper is good enough right now for me to email it to my dad for a proof-read.

Then I came home, and got unproductive.

But my Reference annotated bibliography is also good enough for review tomorrow when I meet with my group. Spiffy.

Monday, well, real final crunch time. I don’t think I have a meeting with anyone, so that’s good. It means I can stay home and work on my Children’s Lit Non-Print Media log and my Curriculum group project.

Oh, and my SLTP thing for Children’s Lit. Ooof. I’m not looking forward to finishing that one. That one is really hard. At least it’s not technically due on Thursday, so if I need another night, I can hand it to my professor on Friday after I judge science experiments at the Museum.

That’s going to be a blast! Fenway High School’s science fair is at the Museum of Science on Friday. I get to be a judge. That’s something to look forward to.


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