2 days left of Fall 2011

My reference class met for the last time today. Awesome. I just need to submit my SLTP paper to the head of the program (which I can do tomorrow).

Tomorrow I’m meeting with my Curriculum class to go over our group lesson plans. Mine’s almost done, and will be done before I go to bed tonight.

I’m hoping to have everything done by tomorrow night so that I can go to the MFA for the free Weds night. I’d really like to get to go!

Oh, and here’s a cute link: Hey Girl.

One more thing. My dream job is hiring. Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School is hiring a librarian. They want someone who is at least working on their library Master’s degree. I sent my resume, stating that I know I wouldn’t be able to work there right now, but to please hold on to my resume for after I graduate. I know that sounds needy, but it’s PVPA!


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