Almost Done, I Swear

Today I met with my Curriculum group to wrap up our framework assignment. It’s the last Framework I have to do for this class. So freaking awesome!

My Reference class is done. Just waiting for my final grade to be posted, and I have to submit my SLTP paper to the head of the program.

My Children’s Lit class is almost done. Reader’s Theater is tomorrow. I have to wear gray. Hrm. I have a gray Hello Kitty shirt or a cute military-inspired dress, but it’s empire waist and I feel chubby in it. (Hello self-conscious body issues).
I also have my SLTP paper there due too. That’s being worked on. I want that in tomorrow (it’s due Monday, but want it done).

Once every thing is in, I get to curl up with my knitting, Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, and a nice rum and coke. Friday I’m helping out at the Fenway High School science fair. This weekend is an Art Show / Market and then my dad is visiting on Sunday. Gee, even when I have a break, I don’t know how to take a break, do I?

Here’s a neat link that came up in my Reference class: Book Shelf Porn


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