Grades and Holidays

My reference grade was posted. My very first GSLIS grade ever, is an A-. That’s 3.67 for those GPA-aware folks.
This is very exciting.

The semester is over. I got to go out with a few classmates today after their class left out. It was pretty awesome. I hadn’t had a chance to socialize with my classmates, so this was a good chance. I think we need to do this more often.

I had the very annoying realization tonight that Amazon is a pain in the behind. I used their “one-click ordering” since I thought that would be logical. However, my old address was the one-click address. So I re-did my USPS forwarding request and I contacted my seller. Hopefully the mail will still come. I need that MTEL study guide. I have now deleted my old addresses from Amazon. Amazon says that it will return packages that are “undeliverable” and refund money. Oddly enough, I’ll be in Philadelphia on the day the package is supposed to come. Maybe I’ll take a swing past the old house and see if it was just dropped onto the porch. I’m deeply annoyed and very frustrated.

Well, it’s bedtime. I’m traveling tomorrow.


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