Grades are all posted. I did very well considering my fears and my series of 80-somethings in one class. Straight A-‘s is amazing for me. Let’s hope I can continue this trend.

I spent a few days in Philadelphia this past week, and got to see some friends. I really miss my Philly friends. I miss going to cool events with them. I miss helping out at such events too. One friend I visited said that one certain event is not the same without me. Then again, I ran the coat check there, so that was a nice spot for people to chill and hide out when the crowds got too heavy. Maybe I’ll wind up back in Philly after my degree is done. I think I would have to take the PRAXIS exam (the PA teacher test), but that would be something to look into if and when PA is more of a reality.

Speaking of tests, my MTEL is in a little over a month (Jan 28th). I’m excited and nervous. I’m very nervous about my inability to spell properly without spellcheck. Until then, I should practice as much as possible. I have a book coming to me from Amazon on the MTEL, and I’ll take the practice tests.

I know I have the post about the Kindle vs the Nook. After doing a little more research (i.e. talking to my friends), I think that the Nook would be more flexible. The Kindle enforces Kindle-only books. The Nook reads the EPUB format, so that is really far more flexible; flexible meaning I can borrow books from the library. Plus, the Nook can be bought in store at Barnes & Noble, which means there is a store to go to in case something bad happens to it. Here’s the link to the Nook Simple Touch: click me.  I would need the Simple Touch, since I do not want a color screen. What’s the point of an e-reader with a color screen? Isn’t that just like reading on your tablet or computer?

I’m enjoying my vacation. I don’t think I’ve quite decompressed yet though. I’m not used to not having something to do. I know I have a ton of stuff to actually do, like I need to make an eye doctor appointment to get a check up, new glasses, and new contacts, but I also want to just sit here and finally read something for fun after three months of homework. Maybe tomorrow.


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