Going to New Haven!

I have booked my tickets to visit family in January! The partner (Jamie) and I shall be traveling on a Sunday. Jamie is coming back on Tues, and I’ll be back on Thursday. I’m excited. I get to see family, hopefully a lot of it, and I get to go to NYC as well. I’m very excited. I have a present for my dad’s girlfriend (lady friend? what IS the proper terminology here?) and one for her daughter. I hope they like them.

For the Xmas weekend coming up, I have a friend visiting. We’ll be going to the Museum of Science on Xmas eve. I saved the Math room for him, since he’s a math and logic type. Then on Xmas, he, Jamie, and I are going to the movies. Our tradition is to see the most un-Xmas-y movie possible. I think the one this year is called Darkest Hour. After that, who knows? Maybe Chinese food.

Since we might not have snow for Xmas, here’s a picture of me during one of the many snowstorms that Philly had in 2009:

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Kwanza, and have a Festive end to your Fiscal Fourth Quarter.



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