Shocking Truths about the Library

We don’t read all day.  None of us are paid to do so.  Reading is done on our own time.

We really don’t care about your fine.   We want the stuff back.  Many libraries collect thousands of dollars in fines that then disappear into a general fund, never to be seen again.  Even the libraries that keep their fine money don’t care.  We want the stuff back.  If you’re late, be a grown-up and pay the fine.

We don’t think you are a bad person for returning something late.  We think you are a bad person when you act like one.

The whole past thirty years while people have been saying, “What do we need libraries for?  They’re going to be obsolete.”–libraries have been getting busier and busier, offering more and more stuff and services.  Libraries aren’t going anywhere.  They’ll be different, but they’ll be here.

We don’t want your dead aunt’s books that she stored in her basement.

We don’t want your self-published, unedited, piece-of-crap book.  Especially if it’s the poetry you wrote while you were depressed.

Why no, we don’t think that people who can’t make eye contact are a perfect fit for the library work place.  It’s a people job.

If you damage a book, show it to us and explain what happened.  Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it yourself.  We have library mojo for those things.

If you tell us your library materials were stolen, we’ll ask you for a police report and expect you make a claim on your insurance and to pay us for the items.

Sometimes our co-workers suck.  Sometimes our patrons suck.  Sometimes our buildings suck.  Often all happen at the same time.  But we love our work.

Why no, we probably won’t let you volunteer and do story time or original cataloging unless we are a teensy-weensy library with no staff or we have some reason to believe you might be capable and reliable, or both.  We’ll make you do scut work first.  Sorry, prove yourself like we did.

Unless you worked as library page, don’t put the books away.  We do it much better.


(this is not my work. I asked the author if I can share. The author said yes, but not to credit. However, it is not mine).


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