Dear Lego, I am a girl

Dear Lego, I Have A Girl

Again, I link to Portrait of an Adoption. I love her posts.This is her response to the new Lego Ladyfigs… ok, ok, they’re called “Lego Friends.”
I enjoyed Legos as a kid. I never owned many of them, but I have fond memories of sitting on the den floor playing with my MegaBlocks and of playing in my cousin’s basement with his GIGANTIC Lego Castle set. I always wanted to be the black knight.
I still drool over the prospect of owning Lego Star Wars Slave I. It’s Boba Fett’s ship. It’s also $160. Some day.

I don’t think that Lego thought out this Lego Friends thing. Girls buy Legos anyway. There are girl minifigs (the little figures are called minifigs) like Leia and Hermione. So what that they’re not shapely. That’s not the point of Legos. The point is to build awesome things and then take them apart and build it better.

Making Legos a la Polly Pocket or Barbie only reinforces gender stereotypes and will only encourage kids to tease each other. It also enforces my pet peeve of parents telling little girls “You can’t have that, it’s a boys toy.” Great, so when your daughter is making 75% of what a man makes in the same job, or married to some loser with three kids of her own under foot, or doesn’t believe she really can be whatever she dreams of being, look back on that moment and realize it is when you told her that she doesn’t deserve to be better.

I’d rather be Boba Fett (well, Rav Bralor, since SHE is just as awesome) than be “Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie” (Lego Friends).


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