Dear Lego, I am a girl – Followup

This is a Lego ad from 1981, clearly targeting girls:

Unknown date:

And here are a few more articles:
Lego for girls?

CNF Junior FIRST LEGO® League

Lego and Disney Are Lazy

I get it, boys like aggressive toys, like action figures and weapons. Girls like baby dolls and kitchens. … yeah, right. Is this when I mention that I got a NERF Bow for the holidays this year? Or that my younger cousin had a baby doll and a Playskool kitchen that he loved? That baby doll went everywhere with him when he was little.

I think that toy companies need to reconsider marketing, and stores that sell toys need to reconsider how product is placed.

Furthermore, I think that clothing companies need to stop making little girls try to dress older, but that’s a whole different can of worms.


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