History is history

Arizona bans history books

Such a bizarre article. This is what I get for reading news after finishing Little Brother at 4am.

Basically, the article explains that a judge in Arizona has decided that the Mexican American history program at Tuscon Unified School is a violation of state law.

“The Mexican American studies program, according to its faculty and supporters, offers Chicano perspectives on US history and culture. To Huppenthal [the state superintendent of public instruction], that point of view serves as a façade for perpetrating anti-American propaganda in the students.”

This really is a dangerous point of view.

When I was talking to a friend about the National Defense Authorization Act, I mentioned about the Japanese-Americans who were detained in camps in the US during WWII. This friend had no idea what I was talking about. The NDAA frightens me: “The National Defense Authorization Act has been criticized by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union, among other groups, because they believe the language regarding detainment is unclear and will therefore allow U.S. citizens suspected of terrorist activities to be held indefinitely without trial” (From here). I’m not really vocal but I have some pictures from Occupy Boston and I have this blog, so sure, I could be viewed as a dissident if someone really wanted to view me that way.

I think it was scarier that I know people who don’t know the recent history of our country.

If we don’t know our history, we are bound to repeat it.

America has had it’s share of mistakes: slavery, the treatment of Native Americans (Trail of Tears to name one), the internment of Japanese Americans, and to a considerably lesser extent Prohibition; that’s just what I can easily remember from history (which was never my forte). Banning the learning of these mistakes is yet another mistake!
“Could a continuation of Arizona’s law elsewhere allow for future fallacies of America to go undocumented? If other states follow suit, absolutely. In the meantime, the effects of this ruling will impact Arizona residents only, but could cause a cultural collapse as citizens are scorned from learning of their own history.”

Clearly the government is afraid of students gaining knowledge. I think they should be. The more informed that students are, the more likely they are to realize that our government is fallible. Who knows what could happen then? Maybe things would get fixed.


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