Being an Adult

Today, I feel old.

My feet are still a little sore from walking around in my Chucks for a week (they’re narrower than I’m used to and far from broken in) plus I had to wear by boots on Friday (rain) which gave me a blister.

I had to pay bills today too. Comcast and the gas bill. Paying bills always reminds me that I’m an adult, regardless of how young I tend to consider myself.

My Spring semester is starting on Thurs. I’m excited and nervous. I’m glad to be getting back to school, but I don’t really like that I have an evening class. I didn’t have any choice in that. At least I already know a few folks who will be in my classes (*waves hi*) so that will make studying and getting homework done a little better.

And I’m watching my Packer lose. This is a hard game to watch.

So basically, it just sucks to be an adult right now.


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