Back to Class

Spring Semester has started. However, I think “spring” is a misnomer; getting home from class at 9:30pm when it’s cold out is simply not fun. I think I need to find my better gloves.

The class seems interesting. There are a whopping six of us in the class, and I’ve had class with everyone, so that’s a lot more comfortable that if it were a larger class with a bunch of strangers. I am worried about the “microteaching” part of the class (i.e. teaching our class something), since 15-20 min is far longer than any presentation I’ve ever done. I just hope I can get through it and don’t hyperventilate, because if I can’t do this, I don’t know how I’ll ever actually teach.

The fun thing about the semester starting is getting to be social. Most people are back from winter break, but homework hasn’t gotten insane yet, so we can have some fun. Ice skating is going to happen soon, and maybe a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery (I must brag to a beer connoisseur friend of mine about this if I get to go).


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