Holly Black

Ms. Holly Black is one of my top authors. I wrote my Senior Thesis in undergrad on her fairy tale books (ok, actually, just two of the trilogy. I did Tithe and Ironside, which are the first and the third).

I got to meet her a few year ago too. She’s awesome; she’s so nice and friendly, and was very easy to talk to, even as I was being a fangirl.

I like her new trilogy: Curse Workers. Black Heart is the third book.

She just got a Starred Kirkus Review for Black Heart. This isn’t her first starred Kirkus review. She has them for:
Tithe (fairy tale) “While most of the supporting cast has little to do beyond playing villains or victims, Black has an eye for the telling detail that brings the most minor character to life.”

White Cat (1st of the Curse Workers) “Urban fantasy, con story, coming of age—whatever you call it, read it.”

The Poison Eaters and Other Stories (short stories) “Sly humor, vivid characters, each word perfectly chosen: These stories deserve reading again and again.”

And now for Black Heart. I simply must read this book.


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