Politics – Romney’s Taxes

Mitt Romney released his tax records for 2010. According to ABC news, Romney eared $21.7 million in 2010.

$21.7 million.

Let that sink in first.

$370,000 of that was from speaking appearances. He called that “not very much.” Well, in regards to the whole of $21.7 million, sure, $370,000 isn’t more than a drop in the bucket.

To compare, Newt Gingrich reported more than $3.1 million in earnings, and paid $1 million in taxes (which is 30%, the top 1% of earners tax rate). Of that, $21,625 was in speaking fees.

To compare, the median salary of a librarian in Boston is $63,630 a year (U.S. nation average is $56,965). Keep in mind, that the majority of librarians have a Master’s Degree.
The median salary of a high school teacher is $54,150 a year.
The median salary of an elementary school teacher is $51,932 a year.
One of my best friends growing up is now a pharmacist. The U.S. national average for her job is $114,127.
I can’t believe this one is on Salary.com, but the U.S. national average salary for a Lobbyist is $99,292 a year.
The median salary of a Chief of Surgery is $409,271. This number means a PhD and 15+ years of experience.

Take those numbers into consideration. Sure, maybe Romney got really lucky and make some amazing investments. Most of his income did come from investments. However, he made more in speaker’s fees than most Americans made at their jobs. Then, Romney paid 14% in taxes.

I don’t even like Gingrich, but at least he paid his fair share of taxes (30%).

This is part of the problem today. This is why the Occupy Movement has happened. The rich get richer and the average person has no way to really get ahead or out of debt.


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