This must be what going mad feels like.

(quote by Dr. Simon Tam, Jaynestown episode of Firefly).

It is week 2 / 3 of school. Week 2 for my Monday class, week 3 for my Thursday class. My online class is far more demanding than I thought it would be, but I think that’s due to the strangeness of having an online class. At least I’m meeting with some of my classmates tomorrow to discuss it and work on homework. I think that will be really helpful.

I’m trying to make plans to visit my Philadelphia friends in mid-March, but for some reason, Megabus is really expensive for that weekend. I might take Chinatown bus down, but that’s an odd couple of rides (change busses in NYC). It’s $50 round trip per person, which is more than I’d like to spend, but Mega is $58 right now RT, and Bolt Bus hasn’t posted yet. I’m going to wait til Bolt posts, hopefully they’ll only be $40 RT. Oh, the things I do for my friends (it’s one of their birthdays and last year we celebrated together, since it’s my “Unbirthday,” i.e. my half-birthday). Oh well, I’ll see what funds are like when Bolt posts their prices.

I have my first cold of the year. It is involving a lot of tea and tissues. It’s mostly just sniffles at this point, with the occasional cough. I’ll survive. I just need to catch up on sleep. It’s hard to catch up on sleep when I feel like there is always something I should be doing. I guess that’s what grad school is.

Here, check out my WebDoc (for my technology class):


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