Paranoia and Piercings

I got an email from the head of my library program yesterday:
“[Other head of program] and I would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your upcoming practicum. Would you be able to meet with us at one of the following times?”

This has made me ever so slightly paranoid over the past day. I just took my MTEL a couple weeks ago, so the scores aren’t up yet. I’m taking all the right classes. I’m scheduled to go to the practicum meeting with other classmates on Thursday. My financial aid is all set, and that isn’t her realm anyway.

I asked a few friends if they got a similar email, and they haven’t. This make me more nervous.

Today, I talked to a friend who is taking her second practicum. She looked at me for a minute, tilted her head and said: “You know, schools are really conservative. Could that be it?”

I paused for a second and realized that she is likely right.

See, I have piercings. My most noticeable is probably my eyebrow. I also like dyeing my hair into non-natural shades. I have a couple tattoos on my arms. I’m more than willing to dye my hair back to a “normal” shade, wear spacers in my piercings, and wear long sleeves. I’ve had to do that before for jobs, I honestly thought that I would have to anyway for my elementary school practicum.

That being said, I wish things weren’t that way. I wish that people could express themselves through clothes, hair, and body modification without being judged. After all:

Furthermore, I’m really not sensitive about much. She could have easily shot me an email (or talked to me after class on Monday) like “Hey, you know that elementary schools don’t like the whole piercing and tattoo thing, right?” And I would have said “Oh, yeah, that’s fine, no worries” and I would have bought hair dye.

Then again, I’m not sure that’s what the meeting will be about, but that is my guess. I’m more curious than nervous now, at least.



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2 responses to “Paranoia and Piercings

  1. Lindsey R.

    I think when people send emails like that, or say things like that, they need to be much less generic about the topic. I despise “Can we talk for a second?” without any clue as to how the person asking is feeling, especially over email when there is no context of voice or body language. For all anyone knows, that email could be about the piercings or it could just be a question or two about locations or something.

    • Exactly. It could be “Hey, I found you an awesome elementary school that would be perfect for you” or it could be “Yeah, you actually failed Children’s Lit and you need to leave the program.” It’s the professional equivalent of “We need to talk.”

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