Suspicions Confirmed

As my last blog post speculated, so today I was proven correct. The meeting was in regards to my penchant to look not-so-professional while in class.

Well now.

I’m perfectly OK with putting in a clear eyebrow ring (I did for today, in fact). I can buy less flamboyant earrings too. I need a haircut anyway, so dyeing it black (as is my only real option right now, since lighter colors don’t stick) is easy.

However, it was suggested that I get it done by the time we start visiting schools for this semester (first class trip is in March), and actually best by the MSLA conference in Hyannis (March 4th and 5th).

Well, I guess that can be done. It means I’m going to have to dye my hair as soon as I’m back from the Renn Faire in NJ next weekend. I’m going to have to look online and in stores for earrings.

And I’m going to need to start looking for comfortable, light, sweaters and pants online, as well as looking through the clothes I already have and figuring out what is “professional” and what is too worn or too non-professional. I’m planning on buying new sneakers hopefully this weekend. I’m aiming for black, so that I can wear them with nice pants and get away with it while visiting classrooms because I am not geared for heels (ah, the double standard. Guys have comfy dress shoes, women have heels that pinch our toes).

All in all, I was paranoid and nearly terrified for two days that I had messed something up, but instead, it was exactly as I thought. I actually told her that I had been nervous for two days, and said that she could have just emailed me with this reminder (I’ve worked in retail, I know the conservative rules), but she did say that she’s more comfortable talking about things that she thinks are important in person.

That being said: Freedom of Expression



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2 responses to “Suspicions Confirmed

  1. Just saw the link to this post on fb and I’m so glad I got caught up on what’s been going on. I noticed that you seemed withdrawn on Tuesday but had no idea what was up. Those generic “We need to talk” emails are the worst! I wish people could just come out and say what it is they’re thinking so you can at least gather your thoughts before the conversation. I think you’ve taken a very sensible approach to the situation, especially in your plan for shoe shopping. If you don’t find any sneakers, Clarks and Eco make some comfortable shoes that would be good for work.

    Also try to keep in mind that you have to play along with the conservatives to get the job, but you might be lucky enough to find a school that will allow you to express yourself a bit more once you’re hired. The school where I taught in Texas was in a VERY conservative town, but we didn’t have to cover tattoos that were on arms, ankles, feet, etc. My hope is that as more people have them, they’ll become more accepted in professional settings.

    p.s. I forgot to tell you earlier, but I LOVE the top you wore tonight!

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