Blog Projects, Pathfinders, and Coding

I had such a blast at my volunteer gig today! I worked with Liz to help revise one of the tabs of the website. I also posted a new blog post on the home page about Valentine’s Day and we did book recommendations. I’ve also started re-working one of her Pathfinders. Someone re-did one of them already, so I started working on the Immigration one. I used far more HTML than I’m used to, but I think it was fun. I even stayed a little late to finish the first section I worked on. I have a TON more sections, but that’s OK. It’s fun to work on, so I’ll probably work on it during the week.

Debbie also mentioned to me that the juniors (I think it was the juniors) are reading a book and will be creating a blog for it. This is exciting! I’m going to be working with the students to help them through the blog. I just need to read the book now (getting a copy soon-ish).

And, there might possibly be a part time job opening up in the fall through Fenway. Which means, I might possibly actually make some money for the work I do in the library. I really love being there, and getting paid to be there just means I’d get to be there longer (probably 9-10 hrs more a week).

It is all very exciting.

In the realm of not exciting, I bought black hair dye. Tonight, my hair goes dark. Tomorrow, I go to Garment District and see if I can find good shoes.


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