Convention-Time Friends

I’m sure that everyone has the kind of friend who only contacts you when they need something. They could be the most fun person to hang out with, but it doesn’t matter. They always need a ride or help with moving something.

I’ve found that the worst type of fair-weather friend is the type who contacts you only when there is an event coming up. For me, this is often before a convention. I used to be part of a stage-combat group that would perform a few times a year at geeky conventions. We would also meet every week to practice and hang out. We would lose members a couple weeks after a convention, and they would join back up a few weeks before one. Basically, they would just put in barely enough time to get themselves a free pass to the convention. Their performances would be mediocre at best, to top it off.

This weekend is a winter Renaissance fair that I look forward to every year. There is one person in particular that I simply do not get along with. She and I have developed a skill of ignoring each other even when we are mere feet apart. However, she refuses to ignore one of my closest friends; someone who is usually wandering the fair with me. He doesn’t like her either, but he is too nice to simply ignore her. She goes so far as every year before this fair, she sends him a Facebook friend request. This is the epitome of fair-weather friend. She knows she’s going to see him. Honestly, she thinks he’s cute. So every year, without fail, she reminds him of her existence, on the hopes that he’s forgiven her past transgressions. And every year, he ignores her request on Facebook (he’s gone so far as to block her, but she makes new accounts).

I know I am often a hermit and I don’t contact my friends enough. I don’t often make the effort needed to hang out with people. I forgive myself during the semester, because schoolwork is crazy at times. However, I also don’t track down people just because I think I can get something out of them once a year.


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