Podcast (for class) script

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This podcast is coming in very late, I am aware. This weekend was an experiment for me in a way.
On Friday morning, my partner and I took the T out to Braintree. From there, we met our previously arraigned ride to Somerset, NJ. The car ride itself was about five hours.
This past weekend, I spent three days at an event called the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire. It is an event that I have been attending for five years. I always look forward to it. There are performances, vendors, and always a packed hotel.
This year was a little different. Since I’m in LIS460, I’m used to checking in online with the class and making sure that I’m on the ball with assignments and posts. However, there is limited wireless access in the hotel, and signing on is near impossible with so many people trying to be on the network at once. I tried to sign on, and failed. I was well aware that this might happen. I had decided to create my podcast about how it felt to have an internet-free weekend.
In all honesty, I do have a data plan on my phone. It’s not unlimited, but it is generally enough to check my email daily. However, with everything that was going on socially, I felt that choosing face-to-face interactions was more productive than hiding away in a corner, checking Twitter and Facebook.
Many of the people I saw this weekend are friends of mine from Philadelphia. After living there for eight years, it is hard to be six hours away from friends. The internet is a great tool for keeping up with their lives, but it is a poor substitute from seeing them in person. The simple joy of sharing an experience, like watching a band with a friend, is something that technology cannot replace. In particular, my favorite performers, Hubris, are a troop of fire spinners. Technology cannot replace the experience of huddling in the cold with friends, feeling the heat of the flames, and smelling the kerosene. I may have taken a few good pictures, but they are nothing like being there.
The irony of my experiment is that this event grew so large mostly by sharing the information on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Now I realize that this isn’t quite three min but I’m home, it’s late, and while there have been a lot of memes online as of late to First World Problems, there are also first world blessings. I’m home and my cat wants my attention.


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