Weekend and Schoolwork

I have quite a full plate for the next few days (ok, few weeks, but I really don’t stress that far ahead).

Tonight I’m doing my 2nd “micro-teaching” for my class. This week is a fictional elementary school class learning about the Mayflower Compact. I have to lead them to learn how to find how to ask questions. The assignment itself is confusing, but I think I finally got a handle on it.

Tomorrow, since it’s still Winter Break for Boston Schools, I get to spend tomorrow morning packing for my weekend in CT and straightening my apartment, since my leasing agent is showing the building to yet another “potential buyer.” I honestly just wish the building would sell so that I don’t have to put up with these anymore. I’m then hopping on a bus about 3pm to go to CT for the weekend.

Over the weekend I will be seeing my dad, having a birthday dinner with him (his, not mine), shopping for “professional”-ish shirts, etc. I will also be trying to set aside a little time to read or work on my homework due on Monday, which is a VoiceThread for my 460 class (actually going to try to do that tonight or tomorrow morning) and for 406, which is Reflection Paper: Understanding One‟s Legal and Moral Responsibilities.


I can do it. I’m just tired and not quite back in the mindset of doing so much work. I had off on Monday and it skewed my entire week.


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