Anti-Authoritarian = Mentally Ill?

Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously. Evaluating the legitimacy of authorities includes assessing whether or not authorities actually know what they are talking about, are honest, and care about those people who are respecting their authority. And when anti-authoritarians assess an authority to be illegitimate, they challenge and resist that authority—sometimes aggressively and sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes wisely and sometimes not.

It takes a lot of jumping though hoops to graduate college, and even more to go to graduate school. I did essays, went for interviews, dressed professionally, put myself into rather wobbly high heels. I send emails nearly every day currently to make sure that I’m on track. I’m spending probably over $300 so that I can attend the MSLA conference this coming weekend.

I’m aware that I don’t fit a typical “professional” profile. It’s just not how I am. I’m a little weird. I do think that this will factor in well once I find the right place for me, job-wise. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a note in my file about being anti-authoritarian.

Specifically, if somebody such as myself was being labeled with “issues with authority,” what were they calling the kids I grew up with who paid attention to many things that they cared about but didn’t care enough about school to comply there?

This is why librarians need to be well aware of how kids learn. Getting involved in teaching in different ways is key to helping students learn in their own way. We’ve spent a lot of time in class talking about special ed and technologies and different ways to learn. If there is a kid who is questioning why s/he needs to learn something, then a librarian can show them that it’s something fun or could be useful in the future. Plus, we’re supposed to let students learn outside of the classroom too. Maybe a kid wants to learn about sharks, then we’ll give them a book and point them to a website and unleash them to discover cool facts. Who cares if they’re “anti-authoritarian?” A good librarian could reach them and get them to learn.


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