Rush Limbaugh

Has anyone heard about Limbaugh calling someone a slut (a law student!) because she wants contraception? She even cited a friend of hers who lost an ovary due to cysts because she couldn’t afford the pill (that would have helped reduce the cysts).

Sandra Fluke, Georgetown student called a ‘slut’ by Rush Limbaugh, speaks out.

Meet Sandra Fluke: The woman you didn’t hear at Congress’ contraceptives hearing

With ‘Slut’ Rant, Rush Limbaugh Has Become GOP’s Own Worst Enemy

If you don’t have the plumbing, don’t try to control it! I don’t try to tell guys that they can’t buy condoms or can’t get Viagra. This is a whole different rant that I have. Insurance covers Viagra, but not all forms of contraception or tubal ligation. There’s something seriously wrong there. If I’m paying for my health insurance, it should be able to cover (or help cover) the medical check ups, procedures, and medication that I need.

I am thankful that the GOP is pretty clear about their crazy. Never mind that there are people like this guy running for elected office.

This is funny (very Duck Season/Rabbit Season), but often how it seems. Maybe Obama needs to try this?


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