MSLA Conference Recap

I’m exhausted, but I wish I had my own library to really start to implement things. I’m going to have to see what can be used at BAA/Fenway instead!
I’m going to try to make my notes coherent, emphasis on try. I’m going to do this in steps (per speech), so that it is easier to sort though. I’ll be posting over the next few days.

There were some really great things I saw. I enjoyed listening to the speeches; I liked talking to the vendors. I re-confirmed my love of Baker & Taylor (the bookstore I used to work at used them). I got to work at the Simmons booth for an hour, answering questions and filling people in on how great Simmons GLSIS is.

I’m also really glad that I had a little time to network with people. I snagged the email for the wonderful librarian at a high school I’m interested in taking a look at. I also met the librarian that I’m talking to tomorrow.

I’ll get my notes up from the conference soon. After all, it is break week, so I’ll have a little extra time, I hope!


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