I can’t believe that I’m looking at tablets. My MacBook Pro isn’t even a year old. I love my Mac.
I also have a Nook that I got for Christmas. I love being able to carry around a dozen books at a time. I can also carry my syllabi (which I do) to check up on things on the go. I picked the Nook SimpleTouch instead of the Kindle Fire because I know that I can’t read for long periods of time on an LCD screen. When I read a book (even an eBook), I like the ability to read for hours if I have the time. LCD screens are fine for moving text, like websites and writing blog posts, but not for reading a novel.
I have a smart phone too (which is just about a year old). So I can check my email when I’m on the go.

However, I’ve been playing around with the iPads at the BAA/Fenway. They’re lovely things. I think that having a tablet where I can take notes (by hand with a stylus) would be ideal. Plus, having a larger screen than my phone to check and reply to emails would be nice. But finding just the right things is a challenge.


Obviously, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on what is basically going to be a glorified note pad and email checker. That rules out the iPad, which is $499 for the new one, and $399 for the iPad 2. (Though the iPad does have some wonderful apps, like Dragon Diction, where I could just talk to it and it will take notes. I wonder if I can turn an entire lecture into text that way?). I can find refurbished on the site as low as $299. What can I say? I’m a Mac girl now. Maybe I’ll go talk to my Mac store.

Asus is a great brand for netbooks, and they have a few tablets, including the “slider” which has a keyboard. But that is also $499.

Of course, there is the Kindle Fire for $199. But that doesn’t have a microphone, so that is out for me, since I want to dictate if I need to.

It’s something to consider over the next few months, at least. Having a tablet would be useful for school, but I’m doing just fine without one. I would love to be able to take one with me to my Practicums (Fall and Spring), but I don’t see it as a “must.” It is more of a “nice to have” type of thing. I see a trip or two to Best Buy in my future.


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