Looking for Elementary

I spent part of today meeting with a librarian at the MLK School in Cambridge. She was recommended to me by the head of my program as a good librarian to work with. I liked the school (which she won’t be at by fall) and I really did like the librarian. She’s facing an interesting situation. The MLK School is moving to a temporary location this coming fall. The current building is either going to be torn down or gutted. The MLK School will be in a temporary location for three years.

It’s interesting, right now the MLK School and another school called the Amigos School has been sharing the building. This means that the library used to service both schools (much like BAA/Fenway) and they are packing up the library now to split it apart.

She usually has a practicum student, so she is someone who knows what it’s like to have one and the type of work we do. I’m really excited about the idea of helping with a new space!

I think that today was a really uplifting and productive day.

Plus, I found a bright orange, plastic attache-type case at Boomerang for $2. Can’t beat that!


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