No, I don’t have a pitbull. But as I was looking for an article today about a helper dog who failed his exam so he could go back home and care for his best friend (a sick 6 year old child), I stumbled across a blog called “Dogs In Service.”

This person has posts that pertain to the training of her helper dog, which is cute. But she also has posts about what “monsters” pitbulls are.

I understand being timid around strange dogs in general. Yes, I had a bad experience once with a friend’s dog (I’m really glad my best friend was there to hold the door shut, or else a 100 lb dog would have mauled me. No, it wasn’t a pitbull). I understand that pitbulls are intimidating dogs. They are strong and can be trained to be aggressive. All dogs can be trained to be aggressive, even AKC registered golden retrievers.

It makes me upset that people like “Dogs In Service” blogger are so afraid of pitbulls. I’m sorry that her town seems to have such a huge population of loose pitbulls who aren’t trained. I’d be worried in any town with a population of loose dogs. But that doesn’t mean that pitbulls can’t be sweet, loving, family-oriented dogs.

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