School and Such

School has been pretty busy. There’s only a few weeks left of the semester (we end in early May). I finally picked out my school for my elementary practicum. The plan is to use Agiers Elementary in Newton. It’s an older building that is actually being torn down in two years.

I did this for my tech class:
The “sample” blog I created for this class is here: (password lis460). I’m not sure what I think of it, but I like the idea behind it. I think that students really could utilize a blog to keep track of information, plus it really does cover a lot of AASL and Common Core standards.

Tomorrow is the MSLA-SIG conference. It’s one day, 8:30am-3pm. I need to be there at 7:30 to help out. Going to be really interesting since we might have snow on the ground tomorrow morning!

On Sunday, I’m going to the movies to see Hunger Games. Finally!

Don’t forget that April is School Library Month! Check out my post on BAA/Fenway Library‘s website about it. Make sure you watch the video for Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Speaking of BAA/Fenway, starting in a week and a half, I’ll be officially working there part time (5-10 hrs a week). I’m excited!


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