The calendar says it’s Spring. I’m not sure I agree yet. It’s been in the 50s, which really isn’t bad, except that Boston is all wind-tunnels!

This past weekend was International Pillow Fight day. I went and watched part of it here in Boston. It was… interesting. I’m not a fan of being in pillow fights (I’m always worried my glasses will break or go flying, and I can’t see well enough without them). But afterwards, I treated myself to a trip to Newbury Comics and got myself a Mockingjay necklace (Hunger Games). I’d put aside money for random fun, so this new necklace really counted for that!

The semester is rapidly coming to a close.
My tech class teacher has started grading us (she hasn’t graded any assignment all term, since we’re building towards a portfolio assignment, where we pull in 5 things we did well and submit them for a grade). But she started grading on a “Real Thing” assignment. It was interesting. It was to take a tool we’d learned about in class and create a “sample” of what a student might do with that technology. And we had to create a presentation of why this tech worked for an assignment and with the curriculum. I did a Tumblr blog and a Prezi presentation. The password for the Tumblr is lis460. I’d protected it so that no one could see it before I was done. Prezi makes me a little dizzy. It’s not like a normal PowerPoint, where everything is on it’s own slide. Prezi puts it all on one slide and then zooms to each section. I have a couple of assignments to do for this class before it is over.
My Instructional Strategies class is going OK. I’m still not comfortable speaking in front of my class. I keep trying, and my teacher even has commented that I just need to practice more, but I still get short of breath. I just hope my “teacher voice” kicks in really early in my practicum this coming fall. I have one more “micro-teaching” lesson for this class, and one assignment after that, and then that’s it.
My Management class is my hardest. I’m doing pretty well in it, but with quite a bit of input from my professor. She’s been really helpful. I still have a ton of work to do there, and I just need to sit down and really start working it all out. I have two library designs to draw out (this is going to be fun for me, I’m pretty spatial when it comes to assignments). And I need to pull together my “Tips, Tools, and Strategies” notebook. And I need to write up the reports on my visits to school libraries. I think that’s what I might work on tomorrow if I have down-time at work, since the website is down for the library and I can’t exactly upload links if the site doesn’t work!

So, yeah, busy.

From PHD Comics:

While I can’t say I’ve done this, there have been a few 4am bedtimes.


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