Semester is almost over

What an exhausting semester!

I pulled my first school all-nighters (yes ever) this during this term. I learned a lot too. I have a 4-inch binder full of things that I gathered for LIS406 (management). I’d never thought about just how much goes into making a library run. I taught 4 short lessons to my classmates in LIS431 (Instructional Strategies). I still get nervous speaking, but I’m getting better. I learned about a ton of Web 2.0 tools that I’d never heard of and never used before in LIS460 (Tech).

I attended my first professional conference!

I ran for MSLA-SIG and won (no one ran against me). That means that this summer, I get to update the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, and my WordPress creation).

I got hired at BAA/FHS (technically I work for FHS).

I have a few more readings to do for classes, but mostly I’m just waiting for grades now. I got my LIS431 grade already. I got an A-, and I’m happy with that.

Once this term is officially over, I’ll be 50% done with my Masters Degree. Just wow.


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