There is a (small) possibility that I’ll be helping with a discussion group at a conference next year about having iPads in a school library. I hope the application gets accepted. It is so exciting. Remember, librarians, ALWAYS SAY YES. Of course, this means I need to play with the iPads more. I wish I could just buy one for myself, but I don’t know if it is worth it yet. I’ve been considering a tablet, simply because I think it would be easier to take notes in class and on the go, plus I could get apps like DragonDiction (which is a free speech-to-text app).

I got to attend the Boston Public School high school librarian meeting today. So cool. They’re talking about technology and how to integrate tech into the libraries, since the tech/library curriculum has not been updated in a while. With any luck, I’ll get a bit involved in it.

I also updated the BAA/FHS blog today with information on the final student projects from the toxins project. Yay for the Green Chem grant.

On a fun note, picked up a double papasan chair (those awesome disk chairs, except twice the width) from a person on FreeCycle. This chair is great. I’ve been wanting one since 2001 when I first saw one. But they’re $300 chairs. I got mine for the price of the cab ride home. Plus, I had a full-size futon mattress cover that fits this cushion nearly perfectly. Just a great score.

Waiting on grades… I’m excited and nervous.


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