Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Today was a day of ups and downs. I met with the elementary school librarian at Bowen Elementary and I’m all set to do my practicum there in the fall. She is excited and apparently the “Queen of Weeding.” That’s just awesome. I’ll be her first practicum student since she is just finishing her fifth year now.

When I got out, the rain from this morning had stopped (yay), so the nearly mile walk wasn’t so bad.

I got to work just a little late, but Debbie knew that I’d be late. THEN, I got a call from my leasing agent. He says that the building I’m in is about to sell. The closing is in three weeks. The new owner will be living on the 1st floor and other family members of hers from Shanghai, China will be living on the 2nd and 3rd floor. That means that I have to move. I haven’t even finished UNPACKING yet, and now I have to pack again.

I knew my day was going a little too well.


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