So far, summer is very strange. It’s not really “summer” yet, since I still have work (i.e. high school isn’t out yet). However, my first summer class starts on June 4th, so I need to make the most out of my vacation as I can.

However, making the most is starting to mean packing and looking at apartments. My lease is up July 31st, and the building I’m in is getting sold. Couple more weeks until the deal goes through, so I don’t want to start an application until June, but as soon as June hits, that’s go time.

I did get to visit some friends in Philly this past weekend. It was really nice to see them all. I stayed three nights, each night at a different house. On Sunday night, I stayed with a friend who has two young children. They were adorable. Her son, who is 5, I think, asked me if I had any kids. I said no. Her daughter then said “that’s ok, we can be your kids.” Cutest thing ever, and exactly what I always joke about. I don’t need children, I have my friends’ kids (and eventually my students).

This coming weekend, I have a friend visiting. She’s never been to Boston and never traveled alone. She’s coming in on Sat morning and leaving Monday morning. I’m excited. We’re going to hit all the thrift stores we can! She makes her living with thrifted items and crafts, but it’s also a fun thing. Plus, she can show me how to modify a dress I have that fits, but I want to add an elastic waist to make it flow better.

I’m starting to look forward to my practicum in fall. The librarian is really cool and excited to have me. I think she understands when I stated that I don’t quite understand how young kids think. At least with high school students, I can treat them like mini-adults. I guess that I can do similar with little kids. I treat my friends’ kids like mini-adults whenever possible.


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