Librarians Should Always Say YES

I had work today, yay! I actually got in early and left a little late. Getting in early is just a trick of catching a bus at 7:17 instead of 7:23 or something like that. However, staying late was because I hate leaving projects unfinished.

The BAA students have a great summer reading plan. Each student picked a book out of a list of 9 books. The books ranged from fantasy to realistic to graphic novels. In Sept, the students will be divided into groups based upon what book they read. Each group will be headed by either a teacher or a “student leader.” Today, some of the student leaders came in to pick up their books. I think having students teach each other is a great idea. However, some groups will be lead by teachers. There will be one group lead by yours truly. I’m really excited about this. I still need to read the book: Darkness Becomes Her. It sounded interesting, and I can always find a way to discuss YA horror/fantasy, since I’m a fan.

After all, librarians should always say yes.


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