Apartment Hunting Sucks

Looked at three apartments today.

The first one was nice and out in Allston. It is a 1BR, little pricey, but walking distance to the T and stores.

The second one was close to everything, near Berklee, in a secure building. However, it was a $1400/mo for a studio. I got so claustrophobic in that tiny room, I needed to just get out of the building.

The third apartment isn’t available until Sept 1st, but it was in Mission Hill (near the library) and would be nearly perfect if not for the available date.

Oh well.

Tomorrow I have work, then looking at an apartment on the Arborway. Sat we’re looking at an apartment in East Boston, which might be our top choice. it is a 2BR, 2nd and 3rd floor apartment, 1.5BA. Getting there from anywhere would be a little more complicated than other locations, but not too bad. It’s about a half mile walk from the blue line.

Hopefully, by Sat afternoon, we’ll have an application in to an apartment. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.


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