Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Saturday morning was a very annoying morning. Trekked all the way out to East Boston, walked half a mile to see an apartment at 10am. We got there a few minutes early, so I checked my email. At 9:06am (when we were already on our way), the owner sent me an email stating that the apartment was rented out already. Wow. Just awful business skill.

So we walked back to the T, got coffee, and called the agent for the Allston apartment. By 1PM, we had checks written (application fee and 1st month rent), the apartment pulled off the market for the weekend, and a guarantor form scanned and emailed to me to send to my dad.

On Tuesday morning, my agent will go to the landlord with my information and by Tues late or Wednesday, I should know if that is to be our apartment. I like that it is very near the T (about 2 blocks from the Allston St stop on the B line), there is a 24 hour Shaw’s within walking distance, it is a 1st floor apartment. It is smaller than what we have now, but I think we can make that work just fine. I don’t think we’re going to unpack everything, so that will be interesting. There simply isn’t enough space for everything, and I don’t know where I’ll be going after graduation.

At least my commute from Allston will be pretty short to both Newton and school.


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