The Fun Never Stops?

Today, while I was home and in the shower, the new owner of my building (or her agent), entered my apartment and placed a note on one of my moving boxes in my “lobby.” (For those who don’t know, my apartment has one room on the 2nd floor of a building, and the rest of my apartment is in the attic). The note was technically addressed to Apt 2, not mine. However, the note states that all tenant belongings must be removed from the basement by 10am Saturday morning, i.e. tomorrow. Now, yes, I was already aware that she wants tenant belongings removed from the basement. She had stated that on Tuesday.

As of 5pm today, very few items have been removed from the basement. My bike and some extra moving boxes have been moved. My boxes of items to donate are still down there since I have no place to put them. The 2nd floor tenants have small boxes down there, and the 1st floor tenants have three bikes and a few other items.

However, that isn’t really the point here. Sure, basement, whatever.

SHE ENTERED MY APARTMENT WITHOUT NOTICE. It clearly states in my lease that the landlord can only enter when allowed by law. Leaving a note in my apartment, without notice, is not allowed by law. So, I called my agent who had been handling this properly with the old landlord. Technically, he had no power now, but he knows me and he knows the Boston system. His suggestion was to take a picture of the note and go to the Housing Court first thing Monday morning to get a restraining order.

I know I’m moving out in a little over a month (by July 31st), but I can’t allow myself to feel unsafe for the next month/two months. Who knows who actually entered my apartment? Was it her? Was it her husband? Was it her son? Or was it one of the multitude of family members she had view the building? I don’t have contact information for her. She didn’t leave any on the note.

And furthermore, the note states that she cannot renew leases because she is planning renovations. Meanwhile, there is a FOR RENT sign outside my building with a number (which may or may not be hers). When I mentioned this to the (former) agent, he said that if I really felt like it, I could probably find out who she has her loan through and find out if she claimed owner-occupied or not. Clearly, if there is a FOR RENT sign, she doesn’t plan on living here!


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