International Conversations

I learned something really interesting tonight. I was having a Google Chat with my group members for LIS467. Turns out that two of them are from Vancouver, and the other one is local to me. For some reason, the fact that they use British spelling, such as colour instead of color, theatre instead of theater (to be fair, I use theatre often), and centre instead of center, makes me very happy.

In other news, next week is the last week of school for BAA/Fenway. The kids are all excited and rambunctious. They also all need to be signed out by the library, and that means returning or paying for books. We must have had 50 books returned today! There were also some books lost and paid for, and a few where we asked the kids to look over the weekend and come back next week. I remember losing a book as a kid, so I feel bad for the kids who honestly lost their books. Hopefully, they’ll all magically find their books this weekend!


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