The Move Across Town and Summer Classes

This past weekend, I moved across Boston to Brighton. I’m still not sure if Brighton counts as its own town or not. We have about 98% of our things in the new apartment! I am never moving without movers ever again. They were amazing guys who worked for 6 hours instead of 4 (we did pay them for it, of course). I think the only things I can find right now are my textbooks, my laptop, and dirty laundry.

Massive thanks to my dad and Darice. She was awesome with taping up and packing up boxes that needed finishing. My dad drove back and forth between the old place and the new place so many times with his car all packed up with stuff!

– — – — – —

Today I had class. My cataloging class is very (very!) hard, but I think I’ll make it through. My web design class is complex, but it seems to have more definite answers than cataloging. If HTML and CSS work, then they’re correct. If a MARC record isn’t filled in properly, it is far harder to catch.  I am having one of the best group experiences ever. The funny thing is, my web design group is international! There is one girl in Medford, MA but two more in British Columbia, Canada! It’s so much fun. I love Canadian spelling (like colour and catalogue). Everyone is a really hard worker too.

It’s a crazy summer!


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