Teaching and Doctorow

Today was a very interesting day.

I got to work at the high school library and I was informed that I would be teaching today. I’ve been volunteering and working at this school for almost a year, so I have helped out classes before. Today, I was the only librarian in the library for a science class research lesson. Their teacher handled most of the questions and such, but I stood up in front of a class and talked for the very first time today!

This evening, there was an author talk and book signing at Brookline Booksmith. One of my favorite authors, Cory Doctorow, has co-written a new book with Charles Stross. Tonight, they were talking and signing copies of The Rapture of the Nerds. I loved it. I had realized that Doctorow is a very intelligent person based on what I have read of his so far (Little Brother and Overclocked). However, I was floored by just how intelligent both he and Stross were in person. Hopefully, someone will have recorded their explanation of The Singularity and I will be able to share it here. I simply would not be able to do it justice. It somehow involved technology, religion, the USSR, and the Renaissance.



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