This is such a crazy story. As an English major, with my Creative Writing & Publishing certificate, I cannot imagine a college cutting out their English department, especially over something like this.
The post mentions that Queensborough Community College has a lot of “at risk” students, such as English Language Learners, students who are parents, returning students, and first-generation students. These students will likely not travel to another campus for English classes and therefore will not graduate. It is an unfair move by administration.
I also do not think that it is fair to cut composition courses from four credits to three. Anyone who has taken a composition course knows that they are intensive classes. They deserve the four credit hours.

URGENT UPDATE, September 16:

I’ve spoken with a QCC faculty member who has confirmed the report below and added important new details on crucial elements of the story, including the vote count from the faculty meeting, the nature of the administration’s threats, and the department’s plans for the future.

Please read and distribute today’s post before continuing.

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This is an astounding story.

On Wednesday the English department at Queensborough Community College voted not to adopt a policy of the City University of New York to reduce composition course credits from four to three. In so doing, they rejected the CUNY Pathways initiative, a proposal for streamlining and centralizing CUNY curricula which many faculty regard as antithetical to students’ needs.

Administrators didn’t like this. And in fact they disliked it so much that Queensborough announced two days later…

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