Being Ms. D.

It’s really so sweet when the kids I teach remember my name.

Today, one of my favorite quotes was “Humans are predators of fruit.” I had Kindergarten today, so that was a very acceptable fact. Kindergarteners are strange little creatures. They are far more intelligent than I think many people give them credit for. They may only be 5 or 6 years old, but they know things. I was reading them a nonfiction (that was our lesson today: nonfiction) book about raccoons. I read that raccoons are “nocturnal” and asked them if they knew what nocturnal meant. At least half of each class raised their hands and knew what it meant. I’m impressed.

In a couple weeks, the elementary school is doing a fundraiser where the school splits up and K-2 and then 3-5 walk around the field for an hour. I’ll probably at least go to the field and cheer kids on, since I’m not sure I can walk for two hours, though maybe I will if some students ask me to. I’ll be getting a t-shirt for the event too, since I’m “part of the school community” (that’s my other happy quote for today).

Also, today I had a Kindergartener check out one of my very favorite picture books: And Tango Makes Three.

She showed it to her teacher and said “This is one of Ms. D’s favorite books!” So cute.


Yesterday, I had a really nice moment, too. I was at the high school I work at and I was being re-introduced to a class of 9th graders. One of them said “Ms. D is nice! She gave us iPads.” I had checked out iPads to a class last week. I just think that was very sweet and adorable.

It’s moments like these that make it worth the 5 hours of sleep a night and sore feet!


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