3rd Grade Success

Today was the culmination of my Fractured Fairy Tale project. I’ve been working on this project since September and I’m so happy that it is actually working out. My 3rd graders have:

1) had two lessons on “What is a Fairy Tale?” where I read them a fairy tale (Puss in Boots) and they learned what were fairy tale elements.

2) had one lesson on “What is a Fractured Fairy Tale?” where I read the The Three Pigs by Weisner and they watched a ReadWriteThink.com fractured fairy tale of The Frog Prince.

3) had one class period where they wrote a fractured fairy tale (one per class, three classes).

4) had one class period to draw their pictures for the fractured fairy tale.

5) had one lesson on the acceptable use policy (we weren’t in the library because of the book fair, so we had to go into the classrooms and I didn’t have the space to record), but it was fitting.

6) and today, where I recorded the narration!

I feel that today was a success. I got most of my students recorded, I’m missing four and that’s it. I can probably snag them on Thursday. I got my ELL kids, I got my autistic kid(s) [we’re not sure on one of them yet], I got my rambunctious ones too. I’m super excited about this project being almost done because I think it really worked out well. Next step is to laminate the drawings and bind them into a book so the kids can check out their stories from the library.


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