Today was an interesting day. I was at the high school and a biology class was using the library for research. Their teachers reminded them that tomorrow they will be dissecting a fetal pig (I was having flashbacks to 10th grade).  The teachers stressed the importance of respecting the pig, since it was once a living creature. One teacher made a comment of “no jumping rope with the intestines.”

I needed to know. I asked him if it was possible. He said yes. Human intestines are about eight feet long. The fetal pig intestines are about four feet long, so yes, it is possible. Then he relayed a story of Bio 102 in college when he took the intestines out of multiple fetal pigs, tied them together, and wrapped them around the classroom.

I said to him “Oh, so you’re the troublemaker.”

“Of course. That’s why I’m a teacher.”


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